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The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted to establish a voluntary cybersecurity labelling program specifically tailored for wireless consumer Internet of Things (IoT) products.

Under this program, consumer smart products meeting stringent cybersecurity standards will display a label, including a newly designed ‘US Cyber Trust Mark’. This initiative aims to assist consumers in making informed purchasing decisions, distinguish trustworthy products in the marketplace, and incentivize manufacturers to adhere to higher cybersecurity standards.

Key highlights of the program include:

Introduction of the US Cyber Trust Mark logo on qualifying wireless consumer IoT products meeting the program’s cybersecurity standards.

Accompanying the logo will be a QR code, enabling consumers to access easily understandable details about the product’s security, such as support periods, automatic software updates, and security patch availability.

Public-private collaboration will drive the voluntary program, with the FCC providing oversight and approved third-party label administrators managing activities like evaluating product applications, authorizing label usage, and conducting consumer education initiatives.

Compliance testing will be conducted by accredited labs.

Eligible products for the program encompass a wide range of consumer IoT devices, including:

The Commission also seeks public feedback on potential additional disclosure requirements, such as the origin of software/firmware development and deployment and the handling of customer data.

The adoption of these rules follows the Commission’s proposal in August 2023, seeking input on developing a voluntary cybersecurity labelling program for IoT products.

Recent studies have highlighted the alarming rate of cyberattacks targeting IoT devices, with over 1.5 billion attacks reported in the first six months of 2021 alone. Experts estimate that the number of connected IoT devices will exceed 25 billion by 2030.

A spokesperson for the FCC emphasized the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors in enhancing IoT cybersecurity. They stated, “The cybersecurity labelling program builds on the significant public and private sector work already underway on IoT cybersecurity and labelling, emphasizing the importance of continued partnership so that consumers can enjoy the benefits of this technology with greater confidence and trust.”

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